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As the world navigates the unprecedented challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at GE Healthcare Ultrasound support you. We are honored to serve alongside the many who are working hard to deliver swift, efficient, and quality patient care in this time of need.


There are a number of possible situations where ultrasound may play a valuable role, aiding in your diagnosis of patients presenting with suspected/confirmed COVID-19 and also in the ongoing management of care.

Selected Bibliography for Ultrasound (including POCUS & ECHO)

Scientific information to assist healthcare professionals in understanding the current state of research into medical technologies like Ultrasound, and clinical applications related to COVID-19

In China, Ultrasound Is Helping Doctors Fight COVID-19

Dorothy Pomerantz, GE Reports
China is now sharing lessons learned for handling the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting thousands more people around the world every day.

Does the integration of personalized US change patient management in CC medicine? Observational trials

Breitkreutz & Seeger, Emergency Medicine International
We propose the development of novel ultrasound-based clinical pathways by integration of PersUS.

Impact of Pocket Ultrasound Use by Internal Medicine House Staff in the Diagnosis of Dyspnea

Filopei & Kory, Beth Israel, Journal of Hospital Medicine
Residents participating in lung ultrasound training with a pocket ultrasound device showed improved diagnostic accuracy in their evaluation of patients with dyspnea. The two residents who received extended training had a total increase in diagnostic accuracy.

A Ray Of Light: AI-Enhanced Ultrasound Is Helping On The Front Line Against COVID-19

Chris Noon, GE Reports
Ordinary ultrasound machines have become useful tools helping doctors spot COVID-19’s tell-tale lesions just below the pleura. AI adds diagnostic speed, allowing them to quickly make triaging decisions.

Rapid evaluation by LCI integrated US for differentiating HF from pulmonary disease in the emergency setting - Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Kajimoto & Abe, Cardiovascular Ultrasound
This study demonstrated that rapid evaluation by lung-cardiac-IVC (LCI) integrated ultrasound is extremely accurate for differentiating acute dyspnea due to AHFS from that caused by primary pulmonary disease in the emergency setting.

Imaging congestion with ultrasound, prognostic implications in patients with chronic heart failure

Gustafsson & Johansson, Journal of Cardiac Failure
With the use of a handheld ultrasound device, signs of pulmonary congestion could be demonstrated. When found, these had a significant prognostic impact in clinically stable HF.



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how to perform lung ultrasound

By Dr. Ashley Miller - Consultant Intensivist | Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals, UK



By Jeff Hersh, M.D., Chief Medical Officer | GE Healthcare


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