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COVID-19 - Mobilising by your side

We have ultrasound systems to support you as you work to care for your patients with COVID-19.


The ​Venue™ Family

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 *Venue family, as referenced herein, includes Venue and Venue Go systems

A Patient’s status can change rapidly in the ICU.

Designed to fit into the tight spaces associated with critical care, The Venue™ family of systems* can be used at the bedside to evaluate interventions, monitor changes in patient status, and help you identify​ data points if patient status declines.

With its touch-screen interface and streamlined design, The Venue™ family of systems* supports your infection-prevention efforts with easy cleaning and reduced places for bacteria to grow.

SIMPLE intuitive, gesture driven, touchscreen interface helps to make the Venue Family easy to use​.
FAST assessments with AI enabled auto tools that calculate measurements previously cumbersome to acquire.
PRECISE Graphical documentation features including the eFAST and Lung diagrams and the VTI trending tool help you keep track of patient status.

​Découvrez les fonctionnalités de la famille d'échographes Venue
Présentées par Dr. Xavier BOBBIA (CHU Nîmes)

Seamless flat display

Battery countdown timer

​​​Cable management system

GE Healthcare Ultrasound Efforts to Address COVID-19



How to assess the Lung (FUSIC)

By Dr. Ashley Miller

Consultant Intensivist 
Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals, UK


​Fluid in the Lungs: Auto B-line tool

In one single step, this tool calculates the overall lung score by highlighting and counting B-lines in real time and displaying the image with the highest B-line count.

Study found the tool to be comparable and as highly reliable as visual counting performed by experts.¹

​​Store overall view - 1-click: Lung diagram

​The lung tool keeps track of your segmental lung assessment and can be helpful in showing trends in response to therapy.

Quick and quantified lung ultrasound (LUS)


​Basic Cardiac Ultrasound

​By Dr. Jonny Wilkinson

​Consultant in ITU and Anaesthesia, 
​Northampton General Hospital, UK


​Heart Pumping enough? Auto-VTI

​Experience 82% time savings​²

Calculate VTI and CO in one simple step. Learn how the VTI trending function helps clinicians quickly visualize the trend to help determine next course of action in treatment.

​​​​Speeding up VTI Fluid Responsiveness Assessments

​​Understanding Lung Ultrasound: Focus on B-Lines

​By Cindy Owen

​​​Director Clinical Insights & Development
POC Ultrasound GE Healthcare

​Visual versus automatic US scoring of lung B-lines

Study found the tool to be comparable and highly reliable as visual counting performed by experts.⁴

​Enough fluid in the system? Auto IVC

​Save time in that critical moment by automatically calculating the collapsibility index of the IVC using the Auto IVC Tool.

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In China, Ultrasound Is Helping Doctors Fight COVID-19

(Mar 25, 2020) – by Professor Xiaoting Wang and Dr. Yangong Chao

A Ray Of Light

(Mar 26, 2020) – AI-Enhanced POCUS Is Helping On The Front Line Against COVID-19

​Inside Story: How Ultrasound Is Proving An Ally To A Spanish Hospital Fighting COVID-19

​(Apr 13, 2020) with Tomás Villén, Universitario Ramón y Cajal (Madrid).

Limit contamination and cross-infections

Please note: Always refer to your Ultrasound System user manual for appropriate cleaning and disinfection of your device. Find the user manuals here.  

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Step-by-step guide on how to handle probes

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